Alvin Drew’s Journey to Becoming A Nasa Astronaut

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Alvin Drew was the kid who would see airplanes and wanted to fly them. It would be a long journey until he would be doing just that. Drew, who flew in the Air Force for 4 years said he enjoyed his time and all the places he had been.

He had developed many relationships but, one in particular you might know. Drew, ultimately (before becoming an astronaut) got to meet Tuskegee Airman, General Charles McGee.

Drew, also says that even though he is approaching his 60s he still takes advice and makes room to learn something new.

He also didn’t just spend time in the U.S. Air Force, he as you may not have known was an astronaut. He says “it’s strictly business,” when he is in space. When he and his fellow astronauts aren’t enjoying the views, they are snapping photos. Although, it is a life-changing experience to be able to see things that others may never see in a lifetime on Earth.

With space, comes math. To be able to become an astronaut, let alone pilot — there’s work that goes into it. That work consists of long training but, to even be good at that, you have to be good at math. Drew says that “math is a language to solve problems,” he said that he knew he had to pass in math in order to understand aerodynamics.

The only doubt that he had came from himself and good intentioned advice from some friends. He took the advice politely and used it as motivation. When it comes to fear, Drew says it’s what will “keep you alive,” and that he doesn’t think of it too much.

For the youth, he notes that you should find what you love and not make excuses about it. The effort and work will be rewarding. “Once that barrier was down, I had no excuses.”

Jaden Jefferson reports from the nation’s capital.



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