aMAYSing Kids Broadcasting Camp aims to improve literacy, fluency in kids

Tisha-Lee Mays: Founder, aMAYSing Kids Broadcasting Camp (Jaden Jefferson)

TOLEDO, Ohio — As school’s out for the summer, there are many programs being offered by the city and local businesses to combat learning loss. One of those programs is aMAYSing Kids Broadcasting Camp, founded by Tisha-Lee Mays of the Juice 107.3.

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Mays says that her program has benefited from CARES act funds allocated by the city for kids and recreation.

“That CARES Act money and the city — that is a blessing for me, because I was actually in the middle and actually finishing up the plan.”

Mays adds that the main objective of the program is to improve literacy, as well as fluency, in younger kids, while inspiring them to become broadcasters.

“Broadcasting is possible. They can be the next weatherman, they can be the next writer for the newspaper, they can be the next person to produce music — they just need to see it.”

She adds that the program will continue in the fall, with in-person visits from local journalists to offer their advice about the industry and how to tell a good story.

The program runs for 4 weeks from June 28th to August 13th. To learn more about the program, including available times and how to register, visit



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