Area drivers frustrated with gas prices as they continue to rise

Pain at the Pump (Jaden Jefferson)

TOLEDO, Ohio — If you’ve been anywhere around the Glass City lately, you’ve likely noticed one thing that stays consistent: gas prices are up. So how do drivers like yourself feel about the whole situation? One woman I spoke to says she’s frustrated.

Watch: Local woman on the rising cost of gas.

“I’m frustrated, I’m angry, I don’t understand where this is coming from. Just in the last week, we have jumped up almost double. It takes me almost double to fill up my tank. My 16-year-old son can’t even get to his minimum wage job back and forth. I still have to go to work, but yet work is still the same pay. It’s frustrating, it’s absolutely frustrating,” said Toledoan Amanda Wierman.

For about half an hour, I observed drivers come and go at the Speedway at the corner of Dorr and Reynolds, which is charging $4.09 a gallon. Others I talked to off-camera said they too are up-in-arms over paying so much to fuel up. Wierman says she never anticipated prices getting as high as they are now, with many in states like California paying up to 5, 6 even $7 a gallon.

“Absolutely not! No, absolutely not. I think it was six months ago we were paying $1.99. It’s crazy, it’s so frustrating, because you have to pay for gas to get back and forth to work, to do your daily tasks. No more taking a cruise down the road to enjoy your sunny day- it’s ridiculous,” she added.

With prices up at the pump, you’re probably how you can save? Take less trips, make sure you don’t have heavy objects in your car, which requires it to use more fuel. And remember, not all stations are charging more than $4. At ‘Gas and Auto Service’ in Sylvania, the price sits at just $3.59 a gallon, but that could change. For updates, visit



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Jaden Jefferson

Jaden Jefferson

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