Dual west Toledo abortion rallies result in some tense exchanges

You can watch the story, here.

TOLEDO, Ohio — After Roe v. Wade was overturned in the Supreme Court yesterday, those on both sides of the issue made their stance clear during dual rallies in west Toledo.

“If we devalue life in its very beginning, when can we be expected to respect human life?,” said Peter Range, executive director of Ohio Right to Life.

“We aren’t actually people, we are concepts to them. We are platforms and we are a way to get what they want,” pro-abortion rights activist Kristin Hady said.

Those in favor of abortion rights had gathered in the parking lot of Toledo’s last remaining abortion clinic, while those in opposition gathered across the street. Hady is a member of the clinic’s escort team, which helps support mothers who are getting an abortion.

For those who have long advocated for an end to Roe, a strong sense of accomplishment was present.

“Father, we celebrate with our voices, our sounds,” one woman prayed.

The decision to strike down this 50-year-old ruling wasn’t the final nail in the coffin for abortion rights in Ohio. An injunction by a federal judge prevented State Senate Bill 23, which bans abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, from going into effect. That was up until yesterday evening, when the injunction had been lifted.

“If I had a stronger word for infuriating, I would use that,” Hady added.

Today’s protests weren’t always civil. There were many moments when the discourse between the two parties was downright nasty. Some expletives were exchanged. But there were moments when opposing activists were able to converse, well, not really. Considering one exchange that lasted over 10 minutes, without one anti-abortion rights activist saying a word.

In the meantime, pro-abortion rights activists say their fight will continue, despite what the state of Ohio has already decided.



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