Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz announces extension of park volunteer program

This afternoon’s announcement. (Jaden Jefferson)

TOLEDO, Ohio — Today, Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz announced the extension of a volunteer program servicing city parks, which helps to reduce gun violence. Volunteer groups include local motorcycle clubs, corvette clubs, African American Greek Organizations and more.

Watch the full story, here.

Kapszukiewicz says that this program has helped to establish a positive presence at city pools, resulting in a decrease in calls for service, as well as violent altercations.

“We put together a plan that has worked and part of what we’re doing today is celebrating a plan that worked, recognizing the folks who helped make it work and announcing the continuation of something that worked,” said Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz (D-Toledo).

One of the groups present today says they believe mentorship is one of the best ways to get through to young kids here in Toledo.

“My first experience out at the park, I had one of the kids come up to me and he noticed that all the bike clubs were out there, and the first thing he asked me was: ‘Are you guys all together? You guys all get along?’ And, you know, it just kind of made me think, you know, like ‘Wow, you know, these kids- that’s kind of what they have stuck in their minds.’” said Celia Ramirez, Co-secretary of Homeboys Motorcycle Club.

To get involved with this program, visit Mayor Wade Kapszukiewciz’s Facebook page.



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