Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz On COVID-19, Election 2020 & More

The mayor also discusses his experience early voting, and ballot issues he’s encouraging voters to pass.

Jaden Jefferson
Oct 21, 2020
Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz speaks with Jaden Jefferson.

TOLEDO, Ohio — In this one-on-one interview, Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz talks about his experience early voting, Issue 4 and what it will do, his conversations with Governor Mike DeWine on the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the city’s economic recovery.


Kapszukiewicz says that he talks with Governor Mike DeWine three times a week on the topic of COVID-19, and the mayor adds that the governor’s leadership during the pandemic is applaudable, in his opinion.

While reflecting on how he’s grown as a leader during the pandemic, the mayor said that he learned that the people understand leaders don’t have all the answers, they just want consistency.

The City of Toledo’s Economic Recovery

The pandemic put a strain on local businesses and because of that, the city of Toledo announced a series of “micro grants” to help keep the city’s economic driver, small business, alive.

The mayor added that when people ask what Toledo’s biggest employer is, he says that it is “our small businesses”.

Election 2020: Issue 4, Issue 17, Issue 18

Election 2020: The Mayor’s Experience Voting Early

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