Monkeypox: U.S. declares virus a public health emergency

This should mean more resources to help address new cases of Monkeypox.

Jaden Jefferson
2 min readAug 4, 2022


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TOLEDO, Ohio — As cases of Monkeypox continue to spread across the country, sources tell the Associated Press that the Biden administration has declared the virus a public health emergency. This is to help to free-up resources that can be used to combat it.

Looking at the facts of this virus, it’s something that’s spread, according to the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, “when a person comes into contact with the virus from an animal, human, or materials contaminated with the virus.”

Prevention methods include avoiding contact with animals that could carry the virus, as well as any materials, such as bedding, that have been in contact with a sick animal or individual. Practicing good hand hygiene is also a must. Finally, utilizing personal protective equipment, which we remember for COVID-19, can help reduce your odds of contracting it.

So what should you do if you make contact with Monkeypox, or someone who has it?

The fact sheet posted on the health department website recommends that if you’re exposed, you contact your healthcare provider. They say to isolate at home, except when going to receive medical care. If you have an active rash or other common symptoms, stay in a separate room or area — away from people or pets you live with, when possible.

In most cases, patients recover from their illness within 2–4 weeks, without needing any specific treatment. However, some infected individuals may be at higher risk for severe illness, including people who have weakened immune systems.

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