New evidence, allegations in the disappearance of Dee Ann Warner

Private detective hired by the family of Dee Warner sits down with ‘The Interview Room’ to release “new information.”

TOLEDO, Ohio — It has been 15 months since Dee Ann Warner, a Lenawee County woman, disappeared without a trace. Her family has continued to keep her name alive, as Warner’s husband, Dale, remains silent on the case.

Disappointed by a lack of movement in the case from local law enforcement, including the Lenawee County Sherrif’s Office, Dee’s family has sought the help of a private detective and attorney with quite the portfolio. He’s mainly known for his work on the Maya Millete case, one that’s quite similar to Dee’s. In fact, that’s how the missing woman’s family found out about him.

Billy Little Jr. is a former serviceman and current private detective and attorney. Little’s work in getting answers for Dee’s family has been praised by #JusticeForDee, a passionate community of people seeking closure in Warner’s case.

Since accepting the challenge of bringing closure to Dee’s family, Little has participated in multiple live conversations on The Interview Room, a YouTube show hosted by former police detective Chris McDonough. Through these conversations, the P.I. has been able to offer insight into the case, as well as consistent updates.

And during the latest livestream, Little unloaded on the business associates of Dale Warner (Dee’s husband) and even law enforcement, Detective Kevin Greca of the Lenawee County Sherrif’s Office in particular. This is because, as Little alleges, Greca’s been dating the first cousin of Todd Neyrinck, a close associate of Dale Warner. If true, it’s a conflict of interest that some believe shouldn’t go unaddressed.

That was only the beginning of what would be a seemingly troubling night for Dale Warner. Unearthed audio recordings, allegedly of Neyrinck, depict him as a possible accomplice in Dee’s disappearance. One recording seems to capture Neyrinck saying, to a woman he paid for borderline sexual activity, “I’m involved like a motherf****r, right up to my ears.”

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In advance of playing these recordings, Little explained that the woman turned them over in the hopes of bringing justice in the case. He added that she had concerns for her safety, but wanted to “do the right thing.” Neither Todd Neyrinck or Dale Warner have been named persons of interest in the disappearance of Dee Warner.

Throughout this case, Little has remained cautious in his public criticism of law enforcement’s efforts, saying that while he supports them — they need to do better and request assistance from more experienced professionals. He even cited the 2010 case of the Skelton brothers, whose father is responsible for their disappearance, but refuses to give up their burial location. Little says this is the perfect example of how the county’s sheriff’s department doesn’t have the resources, nor the experience, to handle cases where a body may be involved.

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