Nine-year-old injured by Toledo Police SWAT Team member during narcotics raid

Editor’s note: The following is a news release from TPD.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Thursday just after 1:30 in the afternoon, the Toledo Police SWAT Team was in the process of executing a Knock-and-Announce Narcotics search warrant in the 1000 block of Harding. During entry into the house, an aggressive pit bull charged the team. An officer on scene fired three rounds from his department-issued shotgun, ending the threat. While the investigation is early and information may change as it develops, it appears at this point that one pellet from the shotgun shell ricocheted, travelled through a wall, and entered the leg of a child who was on the other side.

Upon realizing the child’s injury, officers immediately called for the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department and rendered medical aid. TFRD responded and treated the child on scene. The child was later transported by private automobile to a local hospital.

Acting Chief Mike Troendle said “This is a traumatic incident for everyone involved and we are fully supporting the child and wish him the quickest of recoveries. We will be working closely with the family to provide further assistance as needed. We understand the gravity of all officer-involved shootings and the importance of transparency on behalf of the police department. We will be providing updates as they become available.”

The officer will be placed on paid Administrative Leave in accordance with union contract and an Internal Affairs investigation has been opened. The firearms discharge will also be presented to the Firearms Review Board, an internal board that reviews all firearm discharges by officers acting in the course of their duties. The officer, whose name will be released at a later time in accordance with union contract, has served more than five years with Toledo Police and has no discipline in his file.



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