Ohio Task Force 1, American Red Cross on the ground in Western Kentucky

TOLEDO, Ohio — Ohio Task Force 1 is on the ground in Western Kentucky, assisting in search efforts following the devastating tornado outbreak that left well over 80 people dead, and that number continues to grow. The group arrived Monday morning and was already prepared for its first assignment.

They spent the morning conducting wide searches of areas impacted by the storm and will continue to do so until otherwise.

Many in Kentucky are just grateful for the outpouring of support, both in their communities and across the country.

“It is just amazing how everybody’s come together and helped, you know. Helped clean up. Helped us- it’s amazing,” Bowling Green resident Vickie Boards told Louisville’s WHAS 11.

As for search efforts back in Mayfield, Kentucky, which was also hit hard by the storms, officials say they are ongoing and that they have been able to make progress at the site of a collapsed candle factory.

“Earlier, you saw the crane that was operating. They were able to move a lot of the steel and a lot of the- the entire roof has been removed from this building and taken down to the temporary site,” said Jody Meiman, director of Louisville Metro Emergency Services.

The company says 8 employees died following the collapse and those who remain have been accounted for.

As is the case with every tragic event, there are scammers who want to take advantage of kind-hearted people. Experts say whenever you plan on giving to those in need, always give directly to credible organizations, such as the American Red Cross. Don’t give through suspicious social media accounts or shady websites, as that money could end up in the wrong hands.

If you’d like to give, visit redcross.org, call 1–800-RED-CROSS or text REDCROSS to 90999. You can also give to the United Way of Kentucky or Salvation Army.

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Jaden Jefferson

Jaden Jefferson

🎥 MMJ / Reporter, Anchor🎤 🗞 | Dog lover! 🐾 | Taco. Fanatic. 🌮 | #Vaccinated | IG: @jaden_reports | Story idea? jadenjeffersonreports@gmail.com / DMs

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