Ohio Task Force 1 continues to aid in recovery from Hurricane Ian

The task force’s work is not done yet — and likely won’t for quite a while.

Jaden Jefferson
1 min readOct 3, 2022
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TOLEDO, Ohio — It has been four days since Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida, and since then, it’s been realized the true devastation of the storm, which at last check, claimed 80 lives.

And in times like this, it takes true heroism and support from across the country. That support includes Ohio Task Force 1, which continues to make its way further south. On Sunday, crews continued work in Florida’s southern gulf coast.

According to a Facebook post from the task force, the search efforts have been focused primarily on marinas with full time residents. More than 1,400 structures, which includes boats, were searched. The crews were also checking on those who were sheltered in place, while taking note of their locations.

As those damaged structures are identified, they will be uploaded into a GPS-based database. Meanwhile, aid is continuing to be given to those in need.

The recovery from this monster of a storm will continue for weeks, months, maybe even years to come. A report released Friday by Karen Clark & Co. put the estimated cost from Hurricane Ian at $63 billion in insurance claims.



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