One step closer to closure: Arrest warrant issued in Shanquella Robinson death

This could be the first step in closure for Robinson’s family and friends.

TOLEDO, Ohio — It’s a heartbreaking thing to think about. Imagine the pain that follows after a young woman goes on a trip with friends — to only end up dead. Well, that pain has become reality for the friends and family of Shanquella Robinson.

, Charlotte’s CBS affiliate, Robinson left her home of Charlotte, North Carolina on October 28th to go on a trip with friends to Cabo, Mexico. It was on that following day, around 3:15 in the afternoon, when a doctor made attempts to revive Robinson in her hotel room.

And now, multiple media outlets, including the Associated Press and CNN, are reporting that Mexican authorities have issued an arrest warrant for one of Robinson’s friends, who they allege was involved in her death. According to Daniel de la Rosa, the attorney general for Baja California Sur, the extradition process is underway.

This comes after a video was shared across the internet, showing the alleged beating of Robinson in her hotel room by who is believed to be someone that was on the trip with her and others. At this time, authorities aren’t releasing the suspect’s name, but they did, however, confirm the person is a citizen of the United States.

, Robinson’s father expressed that she’s not a fighter, and that the video troubles him.

“For them to do what they did, ma’am, it just seems like a plot, because they couldn’t have done that over here, ma’am. They couldn’t have done that over here, you know, where all her friends are. It wouldn’t have gone down like that, ma’am,” said Bernard Robinson.

This is, of course, a developing story, with additional information expected to emerge in the days to come about the events leading up to the 25-year-old’s death.



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