Over 8,800 new COVID-19 cases reported in Ohio Friday as data remains incomplete

COVID-19 In Ohio. (Jaden Jefferson)
Ohio COVID-19 Key Indicators. (Ohio Department of Health)

TOLEDO, Ohio — The Ohio Department of Health reported an additional 8,808 cases, 65 deaths and 398 hospitalizations Friday.

Gov. Mike DeWine said Thursday that the state had about 12,000 outstanding COVID-19 test results that have to be checked with standards higher than those set by the CDC, to ensure to accuracy. Health officials said they are having trouble keeping up with the increased number of tests, which is why there are so many of them that have yet to be checked.

“We made a decision to double-check all antigen test results, so the 24-hour case change is low. Our data team tells us there are 12,000 antigen tests that have not yet been double-checked. Most of the 12,000 are expected to be confirmed,” DeWine said.

As cases increase, Thursday, DeWine’s statewide 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew went into effect. People can still go to work, seek medical care or get food. Although retail stores must close at 10 p.m, while restaurants can stay open past 10.

Also Thursday, the Lucas County Regional Board of Health unanimously passed a resolution to support a stay-at home advisory, which went into effect immediately.

Video: Dr. Brian Kaminski of ProMedica | Thanksgiving and COVID-19

Residents are strongly advised not to have any guests in their homes unless they are essential workers, including for the Thanksgiving holiday.

As Dr. Brian Kaminski of Promedica says, it’s best to limit the amount of people you invite for a Thanksgiving gathering.

“If we think about the impact of this virus, these are real lives and lives of our family members now that we’re talking about getting together.”

Lucas County residents are also urged to limit meetings and social events to 10 individuals, both indoors and outside, and to avoid traveling in and out of the state.

The stay-at-home advisory will remain in place until December 17, two consecutive incubation periods of COVID-19 (28 days), or until the Board of Health determines a change to the guidance is appropriate.

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Video: Dr. Brian Kaminski of ProMedica | COVID-19 vaccine, stay-at-home advisory



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