ProMedica, Jeep parent company partner for free employee clinic

The clinic could potentially serve thousands.

Jaden Jefferson
2 min readJun 28, 2022
Signage for the new Stellantis Family Health & Wellness Center at 3500 Executive Parkway. (Jaden Jefferson)

TOLEDO, Ohio — Stellantis is one of the largest employers in the Glass City. That name may not sound familiar, but you likely know the plant they own, which has manufactured Jeeps for over 70 years. That has been made possible with a 7,000+-person, Toledo-based workforce.

So to accommodate all those people, ProMedica has partnered with Stellantis to operate a clinic specifically for Toledo Jeep workers and their families. The Stellantis Family Health & Wellness Center is located on Executive Parkway in Toledo, and will offer a variety of services.

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“Employees can come here and get everything from rehab services to behavioral health care, and really have people and teams that coordinate care and try to provide state-of-the-art medicine,” said Kent Bishop, president of ProMedica Physicians.

Kentrail Fickling, vice chairman of the Toledo Jeep Union, believes employees will get great use out of the clinic once it opens later this week.

“I think this will be used heavily amongst the UAW Jeep members and their family. It’s something that’s totally accessible and available to us all, so it will be used from day one,” Fickling explained.

While this concept isn’t a first for ProMedica or Stellantis, the magnitude of it is significant.

“ProMedica does this with a number of other employers in the area. Wood County Schools, we also do it with Owens Corning, but Stellantis is really an industry leader in this. This is the fourth such clinic that they’ve developed,” Bishop added.

Stellantis also has an employee clinic in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois.

“This is kind of another level of healthcare. It’s an integrated approach, starting very, very early in the health cycle,” explained Tobin Williams, Stellantis’ senior vice president of human resources (North America ).

This Toledo clinic opens officially to patients on Friday.



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