Sylvania mother alleges son was target of multiple racial attacks at school

She says the way in which the school responded is infuriating.

Jaden Jefferson
2 min readMay 24, 2022


Nadolyn Crawford, and her 12-year-old son, Nolan. (Jaden Jefferson)

SYLVANIA, Ohio — The parent of a student at Timberstone Junior High School in Sylvania claims that her son has been the victim of multiple racially-motivated attacks.

You can watch the story, here.

In a candid interview with her and 12-year-old son Nolan, Nadolyn Crawford alleges that two weeks ago, she learned of racial slurs that were written on his paper. They were discovered after the teacher had dug it out of the trash to use as an example for future classes. What she says happened next has Nadolyn shaking her head.

“They told me that he had written racial slurs on his paper,” Crawford explained. “Basically, they told me that they compared the ‘e’ on his paper to the ‘e’ in the racial slur — and they figured that it was him.”

Crawford alleges the school didn’t initially want to investigate the incident, having already come to their own conclusion. But following request for comment, a spokesperson wrote:

“The school and District were made aware of the situation and immediately began an investigation. We take matters of this nature seriously. Inappropriate and derogatory behavior is not tolerated.”

— Amy Addington, Sylvania Schools

“The fact that they said the loop in the ‘e’; automatically it’s Nolan. They’re not investigating. They’re not doing anything further. I need to talk to him before they take discipline against my son. It was very upsetting,” added Crawford.

The student at the center of the matter says he doesn’t feel supported enough to speak out if anything else were to happen, even as he’s slowly begun to transition back into the classroom.

“It makes me feel like, if something happens like that and I go tell, nothing’s gonna happen because in the past, nothing has ever happened. I’ve gone to people, teachers about me being hit with a book on my head — and she didn’t do anything about it,” Nolan recalled.

Meanwhile, Nadolyn believes there’s only one route to take in promoting change within the Sylvania City School District.

“I think we have to go legally. I don’t know what else to do, because I’ve gone to that school so many times and this was just the last thing. When they told me I couldn’t come to the school any longer to advocate for him, I had to reach out,” she concluded.

Crawford hopes that in sharing her family’s story, others will have the confidence to do the same.



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