TARTA introduces new fare-collection tech

You can watch the story, here.

TOLEDO, Ohio — New technology can sometimes bring headaches, but the new system TARTA has will hopefully change that.

“We’re not just bringing back fares, we’re bringing them back with new technology that’s easier to access, it’s more efficient, and helps us become a better transportation agency for everyone in Lucas County,” said Sam Melden, director of external affairs and communications for TARTA.

That “new technology” is this fare collection machine. It may not seem like much — because it isn’t! It’s easy to use machinery, which now accepts TARTA passes, payment through the EZfare app, and cash payments without the need for exact change.

“It’s also better for our operators and for our staff, to be able to follow where people are coming from, where they’re going, how often, what the frequency’s like- [it] just makes us better,” explained Melden.

TARTA hopes that the integration of technology, such as machines like this, will help make it among the best transit authorities in the state.

“There’s no one that’s gonna be left behind in this process.”

TARTA says the machine is already installed on all TARTA buses you see traversing the city. But for those suburban-serving and micro-transit routes, it’ll take some additional time.



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